The UCLA Art & Global Health Center objectives are currently pursued in large part through the MAKE ART/STOP AIDS global initiative, an international network of scholars, artists, and activists committed to ending the global AIDS epidemic. UCLA Professor David Gere, Director of the Center, established the MAKE ART/STOP AIDS network while on a Fulbright research grant in India in 2004. This network formed the basis for what would later become the Art & Global Health Center.

In July 2004, Gere led a four-day workshop in Kolkata with 60 Indian and 15 international artists and activists under the MAKE ART/STOP AIDS banner. A subsequent daylong event in New Delhi brought the concepts developed in the workshop to the attention of leaders from the Indian government, media, and non-governmental organizations. Since then, MAKE ART/STOP AIDS has expanded from Kolkata to Los Angeles, from Mexico City to Rio de Janeiro, and from Johannesburg back to Chennai, to create a truly international network.