UCLA Sex Squad

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A part of AMP! An Arts-based, Multiple-intervention, Peer-education HIV & STI prevention program
A program of the UCLA Art & Global Health Center

The UCLA Sex Squad is a collective of undergrads who use life experiences and creative talents to create funny, multimedia theater to open dialogue with teens all over Los Angeles about sex and sexuality. Singers, dancers, actors, poets, musicians, and even people who would never call themselves “artists” collaborate to help make Los Angeles a sexier and safer place.

We’re here to help!

  • Invite us to perform at your school or upcoming event.
  • Learn our techniques in a variety of interactive workshops.
  • Start a Sex Squad of your own at your school.

More Information

For more information about the program, please contact:

Our Videos


1. Before Sex

In this spoken word piece, Kamil explores how the pressures and expectations of other people can affect our most personal decisions. We witness the thoughts and anxieties running through her head before consenting to have sex.


6. Chip

Matt opens up about pressures and oppression he has experienced by not fitting into society’s strict mold of masculinity. He finds his own creative solution to challenge the male female gender binary.


7. I Am Unique

Claire bravely shares her experience as a Chinese adoptee of gay parents and the kinds of reactions she receives when telling her story. She challenges stereotypes and assumptions, while also reflecting on the ways homophobia directly impacts her.