Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back

Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back2017-12-18T14:36:48+00:00

A part of AMP! An Arts-based, Multiple-intervention, Peer-education HIV & STI prevention program
A program of the UCLA Art & Global Health Center

Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back is a series of 14 short videos written and performed by the UCLA Sex Squad with the intent of addressing various important sexual health topics. Created with the belief that laughter and honesty are the best weapons against the silence that permeates difficult topics like STDs/STIs, teen pregnancy, LGBTQ issues, waiting for the right moment to have sex, and many other sexual health concerns in general, these short films were created from personal stories and experiences. The videos can be used in combination with the arts-based workshops included in the Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back Viewing Guide.

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