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Project Description

When the Situation Gets Slippery, Episode 1: Condoms covers condom use and negotiation skills.

Episode 1 Scene List


Condom Kittens
A group of cheerleaders perform a humorous cheer about condoms, encouraging their use. We encourage teachers to review this scene prior to sharing with their students and decide whether it is appropriate for their school and/or classroom.


The history and premise of the three-part series is introduced; explaining that the DVD was created by UCLA student artists to unleash the power of the arts to educate about sexual health.

Scene 1

We’ll Tell You
The group answers the question “When was the first time you touched a condom?” and responds honestly drawing from personal experience.

Scene 2

1-800-Custom Condoms
Condoms are de-stigmatized in this farcical advertisement for a condom company.

Scene 3

Condom Negotiation in the Bedroom
Harry fumbles and fails to correctly put on a condom. Victoria makes him wait until he can get it right.

Scene 4

Dean’s Virginity Monologue
Dean tells why he has decided to refrain from sex until marriage, but also why he feels compelled to fight HIV.

Scene 5

This over-the-top skit depicts Mollie unknowingly visiting a support group for condom lovers.

Scene 6

Jazzercise Condom Demonstration
Three jazzercise dancers teach Dean the correct steps to put on and dispose of a male condom.

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