2. Testing & Stigma

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Project Description

When the Situation Gets Slippery, Episode 2: Testing & Stigma covers HIV basics and testing.

Episode 2 Scene List


Moment of Noise
The opposite of a moment of silence, the group makes noise to signal they’re joining the fight against HIV.


We’ll Tell You
The group answers the question “How did you first hear about HIV?” from personal experience.

Scene 1

Sam’s (Lack of) Sex-Ed Monologue
Sam tells the story of her lone sex-educator: her sister.

Scene 2

Kaylin’s HIV Stigma Monologue
Kaylin deals with difficult issues surrounding HIV, admitting her own susceptibility to perpetuate stigma.

Scene 3

Neither of Them Know (Party Scene)
In a spoken word poem, two teenagers engage in drunken unprotected sex where one of them unknowingly transmits HIV to the other.

Scene 4

Sophia’s Testing Story
Sophia recounts her experience talking with a friend after she takes an HIV test.

Scene 5

Going to Prom
In this funny scene, Harry finds himself in the awkward situation that his prom date’s dad is the doctor who tested him for HIV.

Scene 6

I Got Tested for HIV
Harry tells the true story, with words and hip-hop dance, of nervously getting tested for HIV.

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