3. Why We Care

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Project Description

When the Situation Gets Slippery, Episode 3: Why We Care covers stigma reduction around HIV, sexuality, and safe sex.

Episode 3 Scene List


We’ll Tell You
The group answers the question “How has HIV affected your life?” from personal experience.

Scene 1

How I’ll Remember Him (Mollie’s Monologue)
Mollie remembers her mom’s co-worker who passed away from complications due to HIV.

Scene 2

I’m Not Ready
This song flips the gender stereotypes with Erica pushing Carlo to have sex, and Carlo ultimately admitting that he is not ready.

Scene 3

Getting Involved & Coming Out (Karin’s Monologue)
Karin tells of her experience as a young lesbian, and how working in an HIV organization allowed her to get in touch with the LGBT community.

Scene 4

Through Positive Eyes
Erica sings a haunting song about seeing the world through “positive” eyes.

Scene 5

A Solo Soldier
Through words and tap dance, Kenji tells a true story from the perspective of his uncle who lived with HIV.

Scene 6

We’ll Tell You
The group answers the question “What do you wish someone would have told you about sex when you were 13?” from personal experience.

Scene 7

Sex Is Just One Part of Life
This spoken word piece suggests that sex can be both good and bad, and ultimately is just one small part of life.

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