When the Situation Gets Slippery

Presented as a part of AMP!  An Arts-based, Multiple-intervention, Peer-education HIV & STI prevention program for high school youth
A program of the UCLA Art & Global Health Center and the Los Angeles Unified School District

When the Situation Gets Slippery is a 3-episode video of vignettes for sexual health education. The video builds on traditions of participatory theater and educational entertainment (edu-tainment) to present accurate information in an entertaining format. It is accompanied with a teacher discussion guide produced by the UCLA Art & Global Health Center and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Health Education Programs. It was originally developed as a resource for the comprehensive health education course in LAUSD high schools. It is not an exhaustive resource but rather intended to complement and supplement mandated state sexual health and HIV instruction.

The video and guide cover basic sexual health topics in each episode:

Condom use and negotiation skills
HIV basics and testing
Stigma reduction around HIV, sexuality, and safe sex

Each episode features unique and engaging stories from college-age youth, while this accompanying guide highlights learning objectives, alignment with state health standards, and skill-building activities for audience members to participate in. While the discussion guide highlights the video’s alignment with California public school health education standards, the content can be aligned to the other state standards or education codes.