Founded in 2006, the UCLA Art & Global Health Center seeks to nurture a global network of artists and advocates working in the realm of public health. Harnessing the communicative power of the arts, the Center creates public health interventions that celebrate life, buttressed by principles of human rights and social justice. Center programs challenge communities and individuals to reconsider preconceived notions of intimacy in an age of disease, and of tolerance in an age of distrust.

Our endeavors are shepherded by the following guiding principles:

1 : The Power of a Global Network of Artists

We aim to facilitate collaboration between artists and advocates working for the advancement of global health, strengthening public health interventions through improved communication via the international artists’ network and database.

2 : The Creative Process as a Catalyst for Change

Our programs seek to create points of personal identification through art as a means to elicit empathy, understanding, and emotional growth through recognition of a shared humanity.

3 : De-Centered Sites of Artistic Encounter

We aim to expand our audience into sites of encounter beyond elite spaces. These sites are portable, village level, street level; they reach all populations.

4 : Education as Action

We seek to develop, implement and evaluate arts-based educational programs, taking advantage of the laboratory provided by UCLA to ascertain the most effective means to educate and empower youth in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture

The UCLA Art & Global Health Center is a part of the Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture.