Projects & Initiatives

Operating in eight countries on five continents, UCLA Art & Global Health Center projects begin with local artists and artisans communicating about HIV/AIDS and other public health issues in accessible and entertaining ways.

Our work addresses comprehensive sexual health education, women’s empowerment, gender equality, LGBTQ identity and inclusion, all while building the case for arts-based public health interventions in general. We increasingly take what we’ve learned from working with HIV and to apply it to global health in the broadest sense.

UCLA Sex Squad and AMP!

AMP! (Arts-based, Multiple-component, Peer-education) and Sex Squads are dedicated to educating at-risk youth about sexual health, healthy relationships, and self-efficacy.

A creative approach to adolescent sexual health education using inclusive and affirming theatrical performances and workshops.

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Through Positive Eyes

A participatory photographic advocacy project that harnesses the power of people living with HIV and AIDS around the world to dismantle stigma.

More than 140 individuals living with HIV and AIDS around the world share their stories through images and narratives.

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Up to Us

A series of short sex-ed rom-com films and workshops with screenplays by and for justice system-impacted youth.

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RaD Lab

Our Research and Development Laboratory, a “test kitchen,” for experimenting, vetting, and exploring innovative arts-based methodologies and partnerships.

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