Comprehensive sexual health educational lesson plans with corresponding videos and art-making activities for health educators to utilize in their classrooms.

Each theme is composed of sections with the following labels:

Start by setting the context for students with practical background information.
Partial Class
Activities are designed to take a portion of a class period to complete.
Full Class
Activities are designed to take an entire hour-long class period to complete.
Activities are designed to take more than a single class period to complete.
Externally linked resources provide additional information supporting topics covered in each theme.

Getting Tested Theme 1

We set the stage by discussing the importance of getting tested for STIs and visiting a clinic, as well as minor rights and tips for navigating sexual health resources.

Safe(r) Sex Theme 2

The best way to address common contraceptive and barrier methods is through humor. This classic safe(r) sex topic is enriched by information about healthy dialogue, communication, and making empowered decisions.

Body Autonomy Theme 3

The decision to have sex or not is deeply personal, and yet it is also socially influenced. In this topic, we address self-empowered decision making, body autonomy, peer pressure, and gender inequities.

LGBTQ+ Identity Theme 4

There is nothing more essential than creating an inclusive and LGBTQ+ safe space for students and educators to discuss and learn about sexuality and sexual identity. Topics addressed here: self-advocacy, being an ally, LGBTQ+ related bullying, and coming out.

Communication Theme 5

Relationship communication is vitally important, especially in our digital era. Students learn to check in with themselves, treat others as they wish to be treated, recognize societal and peer pressures, and set healthy boundaries.

Toxic Masculinity Theme 7

We examine gender stereotypes, patriarchy, and other social double standards that negatively impact all genders. Students learn to recognize, call out, and fight against toxic masculinity in an uplifting and supportive space.

Empowerment Theme 8

We recognize the challenges surrounding self-advocacy and build essential skills to empower students. Along the way, we address racism, solidarity, culture pride, communication, self-determination, sexualization, and other relevant themes.

Enjoying Sex Theme 9

Exploring and listening to our bodies is an essential part of advocating for our sexual health. We address masturbation, healthy dialogue, stigma, and body positivity.

Sexual Health Stigma Theme 10

Unwrapping stigma related to HIV/AIDS/STIs is a step towards combating the ideas that propel them into our social worlds. We review prior themes, including ally-ship, safer sex, consent, self-advocacy, and HIV/STI transmission, in order to undo the impact of stigma.

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