Enjoying Sex Theme 9

Exploring and listening to our bodies is an essential part of advocating for our sexual health. We address masturbation, healthy dialogue, stigma, and body positivity.

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Sex shouldn’t just be about procreation—it should be about self-love and enjoyment! We need to teach our students to tap into all of the amazing, beautiful pleasures that their bodies can bring them in order to empower them to step up as advocates for their own sexual health. Sex can be complex and confusing at times—but loving ourselves shouldn’t be! We can teach this to our students through metaphor: There is so much pleasure in getting in a cool pool after a hot day, or snuggling into a cozy blanket when it’s raining outside. We should view sex in the same way, without shame or guilt, to find ways to satisfy what our bodies crave and need. Everybody has their own way of experiencing pleasure, and learning how you want to experience pleasure is one of the most important things you can do.

Pre-Video Activities Prepare

Get ready to teach using tools provided in this section.

The Research Project Partial Class

Dylan and Karni explore the benefits of self-love and how it can lead them to happier and healthier decisions.

Thank You Notes Full Class

In this Jimmy Fallon skit satire, Oscar and Kelly describe the positive aspects of self-love and masturbation.

Drake Multi-Class

NC Central students do a sexual health rewrite about body positivity, rewriting a popular song by musical artist Drake.

Statistics Resources

Reference these key facts as needed to support discussions throughout this lesson.

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