Getting Tested Theme 1

We set the stage by discussing the importance of getting tested for STIs and visiting a clinic, as well as minor rights and tips for navigating sexual health resources.

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This theme sets the stage for everything to come. Students need to understand the rights they have as minors, the laws that have been made specifically to protect them, and the organizations and groups that continue to fight for the sexual rights of youth. Most students are amazed to learn about this because, as 14-15-year-olds, they’ve been told their whole lives how to act, speak, and behave. As they grow into young adulthood, they need to understand how to navigate the health system on their own. No one is going to make the appointment at the clinic for them! Our job as health teachers is to support students in cultivating the skills to take care of themselves and others—what a beautiful thing we have the privilege to do! It all starts with empowering students and being their ally.

Pre-Video Activities Prepare

Get ready to teach using tools provided in this section.

Pruebas de Amor Partial Class

In a parody of the telenovela genre, the Sex Squad tackles stigma against STI/STD testing clinics in a hilarious, slapstick short that includes bilingual dialogue.

Visiting the Clinic Full Class

As anxious young people are waiting to be tested for HIV and STI’s at the clinic, a spontaneous dance party erupts.

B-Boy Multi-Class

Harry talks about his first time getting tested in this hip-hop dance piece.

Statistics Resources

Reference these key facts as needed to support discussions throughout this lesson.

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