Safe(r) Sex Theme 2

The best way to address common contraceptive and barrier methods is through humor. This classic safe(r) sex topic is enriched by information about healthy dialogue, communication, and making empowered decisions.

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This topic, which includes the basics of HIV and STI prevention, is especially vital and necessary to cover but, in all honesty, it can be tough to teach. Discussing barrier methods and contraception requires up-to-date knowledge and can feel really dense or even uncomfortable at times. This is why we need to liven up the safe(r) sex classroom with fun, even silliness. The condom relay race is a great example of this. If we can make this topic fun and interesting to learn about, students will have a healthier relationship with their sexuality, as well as a more thorough understanding of protection. We do so much to protect the things we own—our phones, our cars, our wallets—so what if we protected our bodies in the same way?

Pre-Video Activities Prepare

Get ready to teach using tools provided in this section.

Most Protected Man Partial Class

Riffing on the famous “Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign, the Sex Squad explores what the “Most Protected Man in the World” would look like.

Condom Steps Full Class

The UCLA Sex Squad breaks down the condom steps.

Webcam Multi-Class

On her “web channel,” Annie describes how to create and use a dental dam for oral sex.

Selling Unprotected Sex Multi-Class

In this parody, a “sex-salesman” tries to convince a woman why she should “buy” unprotected sex.

Statistics Resources

Reference these key facts as needed to support discussions throughout this lesson.

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